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Distances to road crossings

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The BDT is a nice place to get some cross-country skiing done. To make it easier to judge the length of the out-and-back trip, here are the distances from Cass Park to the places where the BDT crosses roads:

  • 0     Cass Park
  • 3.4   Glenwood Heights Rd.
  • 3.9   Perry City Rd.
  • 5.2   Garrett Rd.
  • 5.5   Houghton Rd.
  •  6.5  Kraft Rd.
  •  7.1  Agard Rd.
  • 7.4   Willow Creek Rd.
  • 8.6   Gorge Rd
  • 8.7   Old RR bridge

BDT now on Facebook!

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All of us BDT enthusiasts can now communicate with each other on Facebook!

Check it out:  Black Diamond Trail, Ithaca to Taughannock

We will continue to use this website for news and updates, so keep checking here, too. What FB gives us is an informal venue for questions and member reports on trail conditions.

Thank you, Andrejs Ozolins, for creating our FB presence!  (and for managing this website!)


Culverts and Surfacing Planned for 2015

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Several BDT enthusiasts recently had the pleasure of meeting Marcus Riehl who replaced Sue Poelvoorde when she retired as Senior Natural Resources Planner for Finger Lakes Region of NYS Parks Office.  Sue was dedicated to the BDT, and it appears Marcus carries forth her commitment.  He reported the very encouraging news that the remaining culvert work and trail surfacing are projected to begin in early Spring 2015 and completed within the year.  Parks will bid this work as a single contract in January or February 2015.  All of the funding is in place for the project.  If all goes as planned, all signs point to celebrating the official opening of the BDT  next year!


Trail Surfacing in the Works!

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Feb 13, 2014. Today’s Ithaca Journal reported that Finger Lakes State Parks Regional Director Fred Bonn expects new work contracted by Parks on drainage improvements (culverts) and crushed-stone surfacing to begin by early Fall: “I think we’ll have sections of the trail open in 2014, but some sections may drift over into 2015,” Bonn was reported to have said this week.

In the meantime, municipalities (Town of Ithaca, City of Ithaca and Town of Ulysses) have been chipping away steadily at replacing and repairing culverts along the south end of the trail and at road intersections. (Thank you, municipalities!) As many of you who use it know, now that the two bridges are finished, the trail is already passable for walkers and skiers from Cass Park to Taughannock Park except for the short washed-out section just south of Glenwood Heights Road that resulted from flooding last year. Most bicyclists find the gravel too big to ride on safely comfortably. Can’t wait for that crushed-stone surfacing!


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Great News–Last Piece Procured!

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4 Nov 2013

As many of you BDT trail-users know, although 99% of the land easements necessary to construct the Black Diamond Trail from Cass Park to Taughannock Falls State Park were procured by FL Parks several years ago, one small stretch about 60′ long had remained in private hands until now. That stumbling block to construction has just been removed!

Sue Poelvoorde, Senior Natural Resources Planner for New York State Parks, announced recently that “the State of New York is now the owner of the former Holochuck property…the last piece of the Black Diamond Trail corridor between the city of Ithaca and Taughannock Falls State Park.”

Poelvoorde wrote that “engineers and landscape architects are in the process of pulling together plans and specifications for the trail construction. We intend to go to bid in early 2014. If all goes well with bidding and contract approval, construction could start by fall 2014.”


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Wash-out south of Glenwood Hts Rd

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12 August 2013

Major flood damage from last week’s storms occurred just south of the Glenwood Heights Road entrance. GPS coordinates are N 42° 29.431 W 076° 32.436.  Thanks to Tiffany and Raven for these coordinates and photos —

2013-08-10 15.01.01

2013-08-10 14.58.41

BDT storm damage

Jim Dunn, Park Manager, wrote to BDTEN on Aug. 12:  “We put up the barricades.  We have a lot of cleanup at Robert Treman [State Park], plus repairs, so it will be a while to get the BDT repaired.”

$950,000 NYS funds for BDT!

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18 May 2013

This morning’s Ithaca Journal reported that $950,000 in NYS funds will go towards improvements on the Black Diamond Trail “including drainage, surfacing, railings and signage (Taughannock Falls to Alan Treman).”

IJ journalist Haley Viccaro reported: “The funding is the second round of aid through the capital program to renovate and repair more than 50 parks and historic sites across the state. Cuomo said the $90 million investment would be provided annually over the next five years.”

Check it out on p. 3A, IJ May 18, 2013.


The Glenwood Creek bridge

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Looking north

Looking north

Looking south

Looking south

There is still a lot of construction activity near Cass Park — a huge culvert project seems to be winding up with big concrete pourings in place, and pieces of culvert pipe lie along the trail, presumably waiting to be placed in other places. The trail surface, as you’d expect, hasn’t been improved at all except, to some extent, by being packed down by the truck traffic. But, the extent of work is, indeed, heartening.

City of Ithaca Seeks $$ for BDT

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March 30, 2013   Ithaca Journal

By Meagan McGinnes

[Excerpts below — see full story at]

ITHACA — The city has requested a $15 million grant to update city bridges and make progress on the long-gestating Black Diamond Trail project. The Strategic Transportation Enhancement Program Project grant would be awarded by the state, which would then be reimbursed through a federal transportation program.

Phase one of the Black Diamond Trail project, which is expected to be completed by mid-summer, will connect Taughannock Falls State Park to the Treman State Marine Park and Cass Park area. The grant money would be used toward phase two of the project, which includes plans to extend the trail farther into the city.

The city is also doing a project this year extending the Black Diamond Trail along the west side of the flood control channel, with crosswalk connections to Cedar Creek apartments and the houses on the west side of Floral Avenue.

Road crossings

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Here’s a map showing the trail’s road crossings — points at which you can access the trail. As more work is done on all sections of trail, it’s getting easier and easier to spot these points, but the map might help you get in the neighborhood.

View BDT road crossings in a larger map