Suiting actions to words, buldozers and other heavy machinery along with a team of workers have descended upon Glenwood Creek to build a new bridge for the Black Diamond Trail! Beginning even before the official announcements made it known to the world, work has begun to connect the Ithaca end of the trail to the next section extending north to Willow Creek.  The progress after so many years of anticipation has caused a lot of excitement and enthusiasm — at last this  beautiful corridor to Ithaca’s north will become available for everyday use.

Early this week the official announcements were made regarding work on the trail. It seems that the second required bridge has already been planned and put out for bids and that both bridges might actually be completed by early next year. The surfacing of the path is another matter — it makes sense to put a good finish on the trail only once all the culverts and other drainage problems have been resolved. This work has begun to some extent on the southern end of the trail near Ithaca. Perhaps the final surfacing will be applied to those sections first. Completion of the whole trail is still  several years off — but at least this future is foreseeable, unlike the last forty years of the trail’s history.


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