Action on the Trail

Valentine’s Day 2013

Walking on Houghton Road this morning, we were surprised to see work in progress on the BDT going both north and south!  We happened upon Parks personnel who told us the contractor for the Willow Creek Bridge is doing the trail preparation from Houghton Rd. north to the bridge; and FL Parks is clearing the trail heading south towards Garrett Rd.

New culverts on both sides of the road at the BDT intersection are already in place.

AND check out the completed Glenwood Heights Bridge!


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4 Responses to Action on the Trail

  1. Marcia Bishop says:

    How long does it take to walk the entire trail?

    • aozolins says:

      The trail is just short of 3 miles long, so three hours is a ballpark figure for walking it. A brisk walker will take a bit less, one who stops to look around a bit more.

  2. Tim Houseknecht says:

    Please post a contact page. I would love to get involved with the trail somehow. Any long term plans for expansion?

  3. We were just in Ithaca to check out the high water flow at the state parks and noticed the Black Diamond trail. We checked it out in several areas and it looks beautiful. We are excited to come back later this Spring and ride our bikes. We have ridden the rail trail south from Watkins Glen. This will be another destination and closer to our home in Binghamton.

    Thank you to all involved in the creation of the BDT.

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