City of Ithaca Seeks $$ for BDT


March 30, 2013   Ithaca Journal

By Meagan McGinnes

[Excerpts below — see full story at]

ITHACA — The city has requested a $15 million grant to update city bridges and make progress on the long-gestating Black Diamond Trail project. The Strategic Transportation Enhancement Program Project grant would be awarded by the state, which would then be reimbursed through a federal transportation program.

Phase one of the Black Diamond Trail project, which is expected to be completed by mid-summer, will connect Taughannock Falls State Park to the Treman State Marine Park and Cass Park area. The grant money would be used toward phase two of the project, which includes plans to extend the trail farther into the city.

The city is also doing a project this year extending the Black Diamond Trail along the west side of the flood control channel, with crosswalk connections to Cedar Creek apartments and the houses on the west side of Floral Avenue.

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