Trail Surfacing in the Works!

Feb 13, 2014. Today’s Ithaca Journal reported that Finger Lakes State Parks Regional Director Fred Bonn expects new work contracted by Parks on drainage improvements (culverts) and crushed-stone surfacing to begin by early Fall: “I think we’ll have sections of the trail open in 2014, but some sections may drift over into 2015,” Bonn was reported to have said this week.

In the meantime, municipalities (Town of Ithaca, City of Ithaca and Town of Ulysses) have been chipping away steadily at replacing and repairing culverts along the south end of the trail and at road intersections. (Thank you, municipalities!) As many of you who use it know, now that the two bridges are finished, the trail is already passable for walkers and skiers from Cass Park to Taughannock Park except for the short washed-out section just south of Glenwood Heights Road that resulted from flooding last year. Most bicyclists find the gravel too big to ride on safely comfortably. Can’t wait for that crushed-stone surfacing!

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