Milestone event

From Tim Joseph:

On May 15, Parks Commissioner Rose Harvey is planning a publicity event around the funding and construction of the bridges on the Black Diamond Trail. Construction will begin on the Glenwood Creek bridge next Monday so there should be ongoing work by May 15 and this will likely be the site of the event. Gov. Cuomo will be credited with providing funding for the bridges, but we also plan to feature the cooperation and assistance that we have received and expect to receive from the Town of Ulysses, Town of Ithaca, City of Ithaca, and Tompkins County in construction of the trail proper.

We will highlight the intergovernmental cooperation that is finally bringing to fruition this long anticipated project. I would appreciate it if each municipality could give me a designated spokesperson to represent them at this event. Further details will be provided as they are developed.

Tim Joseph
Regional Director, Finger Lakes State Parks

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