What is the Black Diamond Trail (BDT)?

BDTThe Black Diamond Trail is a multi-use trail network connecting Taughannock State Park, Allan H. Treman State Marine Park (by Cass Park), Buttermilk Falls State Park and Robert Treman State Park. When built, it will provide over 15 miles of safe pathways for non-motorized users (i.e bicyclists and pedestrians).

Who is responsible for the BDT?

New York State Parks Finger Lakes Region is primarily responsible for the Black Diamond Trail, although it is also a joint project of State Parks (NYOPRHP), the City of Ithaca, and the Town of Ithaca. It also involves the Town of Ulysses and the Village of Trumansburg. State Parks proposed this project back in the 1970s. For lots of detail about the BDT, see the “THE PLAN” — a summary of the “Master Plan” that was released November 2007.

The map below shows only the part of the BDT from Cass Park to Taughannock Falls State Park; this is intended to be phase one in development of the whole trail project.